Digitising and Encoding

VHS/DVD/Film Digitising and Encoding Service:

eTV offers a solution for Libraries wanting to digitise important content currently stored on videotapes, DVD’s or film.  Format shifting to Digital is increasingly important for preservation and to enable online access by staff and students.

The Service:

Formats able to be digitised include:


Tapes - VHS, Hi8 Standard 8, S-VHS, Mini-DV, DV-Cam, DVCpro 25, SP Betacam, Digital Betacam, Umatic, One inch, Betamax.


DVD Single Layer, DVD Dual Layer.


Film, 8mm, 16mm.


Full archive encoding with MPEG masters, Hard Drive Disk (HDD) and/or DVD storage option, workflow upload to client eTV Library option, offline backup service.


The process involves the evaluation of each tape, DVD or film, cleaning, then digitisation which creates two files, one MPEG2 for burning a DVD* and the other MPEG4 which becomes the master copy. The MPEG4 file then is encoded into eTV streaming format and uploaded into the Institution’s secure eTV Library.  The master can be sent for long term offline storage by eTV or placed onto a supplied HDD and returned for local backup storage.  


Metadata provided for each title in a .csv file or other format that enables us to upload this data to the system as a single upload and thereby to create an entity for each title in the Institution’s Library Catalogue in eTV with all key fields populated.  eTV manages the video file upload process.


Minimum run is 10 titles. For runs under this number please contact us.



Multiple Parts: Multiple parts or episodes on the same tape will be processed as one video. The digitisation will generate a single file of all parts or episodes on the provided material.  If separation of content within a single tape, DVD or film, is required each part will be priced as a separate digitisation.


Repair: The pricing does not take in to account any preparation or repair work for DVD’s. tapes or films which should be in good playable condition. Sometimes collections have tapes, DVD’s or film which are mouldy, damaged or substandard in some way, which require preparation work prior to digitisation. If this is the case please provide us with information on this so we can advise any additional costs.  


Important Note: Copyright and format shifting rights are your responsibility for all content being digitized and uploaded into your eTV Library Catalogue.



eTV will supply you with a full rate card for these services on request.

Click here to contact us. (support@etv.org,.nz)

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