Library Hosting

Library Media Hosting Service:

Using the eTV library service you can host your own videos, using all eTV’s features with secure online access to your staff and students only.

Basic Service Members receive 5GB of hosting Free.

Subscribing Members receive 10GB of hosting Free.

Your Library Catalogue is identified by your Logo displayed on Library page.

Your Library is managed by your Admins.

Videos can be uploaded directly through the Library Upload page.

Videos in most codecs or formats can be uploaded online for automatic transcoding by us into the eTV streaming codec bitrates. There is a 1GB maximum upload file size.

All your metadata is entered and your videos available for your staff and students to easily access.


Videos can remain “inactive” with options for embedding code player only deployment.


Related Materials can be associated with any video

All eTV Metadata fields available.

All eTV Search protocols available.

Videos are backed up on eTV.

Master copy hosting available offline.

Large numbers of videos can be exported from other servers and Mass Uploaded by eTV. Contact us for details.



Library Hosting in 2013 is free.

In 2014 charges will apply based on the amount hosted.

Contact us for more information.

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