Working With Favourites

My eTV

In My eTV you are able to view your Favourite programmes, and in Personal Details - view and change your Password and User Name (unless you are using Single Sign On).



Clicking on Favourites will take you to a list of all the programmes you have Archived or selected as a Favourite. To view the Programme page just click the title.




Clicking on the top areas of the Favourites column can sort them alphabetically or chronologically.


 Creating Folders

Your Favourite videos can be sorted into Folders.

To create a Folder, type the name you want to call the folder, then click ‘Add a new Folder’.


 A new folder has now been created. Select the Folder you want in the Folder dropdown list.

Putting Programmes into Folders

To put a Programme into a Folder click on the Folder icon at the left of the video name, then select the Folder to place the video in and click ‘Add’, You may select more than one Folder to put Programmes into. You can also ‘Remove’ videos from folders here in the same way.


To view items in each Folder click on the arrows on the ‘Select Favourites Folder’, then select the Folder you want to view.


You can now view the videos in the Folder.



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