The Programme Player Page

Clicking on a programme link will take you to the programme page.


Video Player Control Bar



Below the video screen is the control bar. The duration of the programme appears to the right and the timeline marker where you are in the programme appears to the left.

 To play the video click the Play/Pause button or click on the screen anywhere.


To fast forward or rewind click and drag the button on the timeline. You can immediately move to any part of the programme.  The time into the programme will show above the cursor.


To enlarge a 768kbps stream to full screen, click the icon on the far right of the toolbar. eTV will automatically detect your bandwidth and select the appropriate bitrate.


Recording Quality: Please note that programmes recorded prior to October 2011 are at a lower quality than those recorded since that date.

Programme Information

Below the video screen is information about the programme.



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